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5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Diaper Bag

If moms ran the world, it'd be one efficient place.

Think about it. We can take anything and turn it into something efficient and awesome. Take Sara Blakely for example, the owner of SPANX. She wanted something slimming to throw on under her dress and couldn't find what she was looking for. BOOM, she created it and SPANX was born.  How many of have benefitted from her incredible creation?  Millions of happy women.

Diaper bags have seriously lacked in the past. Why are there no good diaper bags?  Are they all made by men? Why are they always looking like an old couch, have zero pockets, or lack functionality?

We've been scouring the earth and have it all figured out.  Well, we're still talking diaper bags here, right?

What exactly are moms looking for in a diaper bag?  What elements and features make for the comfiest and most convenient carry, without losing any style points?

We reached out to our wild tribe of Instagram moms to find out what they thought. If you really want to know the answer to a problem, life, or whether you have food stuck in your teeth, ask a mom.  She knows best. 

When asked the questions, 'What do you look for in a perfect diaper bag,' they were quick to share their experience.   Many of the moms replied that they had tried 2-3 different bags already!


Here's the top 5 tips for finding a perfect diaper bag:

1. Backpack Style - Overall there are two main styles for a diaper bag.  One is a shoulder bag and the other is a backpack.

Diaper bags were the favored vote by a long shot for their comfort and convenience.  Moms who preferred diaper bag backpacks vs shoulder bags said they loved their comfort, ease, and the ability to hold the baby without the bag sliding off.  They also mentioned shoulder bags got too heavy or were hard to maneuver with kids after holding for a prolonged period of time.

Advantages of a diaper bag backpack:

  • Easy to carry on the back 
  • Weight evenly distributes
  • Can add heavier items
  • Doesn't slide off when holding a child
  • Can still wear a baby carrier on the front

2. Lots of space - You'd be surprised at the amount of stuff you'll stuff in your diaper bag as time goes on.  Look at our hospital bag checklist to get an idea of all the things you'll need to have handy, it'll only grow from there!

Diapers, wipes, bottles, extra clothing, blankets for starters, add extra kids or a laptop you'll need a second bag! It's better to find a larger bag and eventually grow into it vs. finding a bag that's too small and outgrowing it quickly. 

"Find a bag with a large opening and a lot of space, you won't regret it." - Sheila L told us.

Advantages of a big diaper bag:

  • Plenty of room for everything
  • Can add laptops or larger items
  • Double up on clothes or extra items you may need
  • Great to have for multiple children or twins

Disadvantages of a big diaper bag:

  • Can overpack
  • May get heavy 
  • Extra space means extra things
3. Pockets on Pockets - We were surprised that this wasn't first on the list! Nonetheless, pockets are really stinking important. There is nothing worse than your baby crying hysterically and having to shuffle around your bag trying to find what they need.  One point baby, zero points mom.

Efficient diaper bags are the name of the game.  The more pockets, the better. Large and small we'll take them all!  Nowadays, the most efficient diaper bags come with insulated pockets for bottles.  Grab a diaper bag backpack with lots of pockets and you'll be a happy (and organized) mama.

Advantages of extra storage space:

  • Stay organized
  • Easy to find what you're looking for
  • Premake bottles and store in insulated bottle holders
4. Stylish - Why are there so many ugly diaper bags out there? Many of the prints are hideous and look like my grandma's old couch. Even she is over it, live in the now! A functional diaper bag backpack that maintains style is a solid win. And so necessary!

Moms said they were mostly on the hunt for classic colored diaper bags that would look stylish.  They like to use the bags for errands, dinner dates, family affairs, and everything in between.  The two trendiest colors moms were raving about are black and grey.

Advantages of stylish diaper bag:

  • Looks great with everything
  • Doesn't even look like a diaper bag
  • Great to use even after kids are young

5. Also Good for Dad - So dad wants to use the bag too, eh? Teasing dad, we'll be happy to let you! Many moms were saying their hubby didn't want to touch their girly diaper bags. I suppose it makes sense. If we want help, we'll need to offer them something a bit more neutral.  

Gray diaper bags and black diaper bags like shown above are perfect, simple, and stylish choices for parents that'll share the baby duties.  Thanks, babe for helping, we're glad to give you a bag you'd love to hold!


Note one thing, when finding a diaper bag for men definitely make sure there are adjustable straps.  Men tend to be more broad shouldered than women and if the bag doesn't adjust, more than likely it won't be a comfortable fitting bag for him to wear.

The Best Diaper Bag Backpack

We may be totally biased, but we're also moms who have wasted a lot of time and money with inefficient diaper bags in the past.  Eventually, I ended up carrying around my .99 target bag instead of my diaper bags because they seemed equally helpful.  

We took the 5 things moms like most in a diaper bag and created the best diaper bag backpack for moms and dads alike.  It's stylish, practical, efficient, full of pockets, large, and built to last forever.  See the reviews below from some of our diaper bag reviews from our customers.

Here's what a few of our customers have said:

"Love this bag! So cute and comfortable to wear! So many compartments for everything you need to tote around. I especially like the insulated pockets for the bottles. Great bag!" - Kristina

"Stylish, affordable and most importantly, FUNCTIONAL. My new can't-live-without bag for on-the-go with our toddler." - Michelle

"Great functional bag that styles well with everything. Would highly recommend ordering two at a time. One for mom and another for another child care provider (Grandma )!" - Jean

"I had another diaper bag that I bought before my baby was born. After a few months, I upgraded to this diaper bag. It has plenty of room and compartments to hold everything I need and keep me organized. I love the wide opening at the top and the fact that it has backpack straps and long enough straps to carry the bag in the crook of my elbow." - Rebecca 

Check it out and tell us your thoughts!  Hope it makes life just a little simpler as you venture out into motherhood and life's biggest adventure.

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